Ep02: Mark Chadwick (Levellers) on the extremist’s life

Ep02: Mark Chadwick (Levellers) on the extremist’s life

Thank you for coming to listen to “Attention Engineer” episode 2, starring Mark Chadwick.

About Mark

Mark Chadwick is a singer, songwriter and guitarist in British folk rock band Levellers. Formed in 1988, they take their name from the Levellers political movement, and have released 11 studio albums.

Mark has also released two excellent solo albums, available here.

Levellers’ 2020 album “Peace” is available for pre-order now.

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • how to manage the highs and lows of the “extremist’s life”
  • the responsibility bands have to use their platforms to help other artists
  • the demise of the music critic…and why that’s a bad thing
  • how writing outside and beyond yourself is the key to avoiding formulaic songs
  • “shouting into a puddle” – keeping social media at arm’s length for mental wellbeing

The three songs Mark recommends from his back catalogue are: “Carry Me”, “Generation Fear” (from the new album) and “One Way”.

After touring with Levellers in 2014 I invited Mark to join me for a duet on a song called “Time To Be Unkind” – listen here.

In 2017 he returned the favour and I got to sing on “We The Collective”, contributing chorus vocals to “Drug Bust McGee” and backing vocals to a few other songs. Get the album here, it’s beautiful.

Thank you Mark!!

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