“Black Car” on Welcome To Night Vale!

“Black Car” on Welcome To Night Vale!

I’m somewhat stunned and very excited to announce my song “Black Car” is The Weather on episode 208 of the Welcome To Night Vale podcast, “Cecil in The Big City”.

Wow. Hugest thanks to the Night Vale team for picking my song. What an honour!

I wrote and recorded “Black Car” alone in my home studio The Launchpad in September 2020. It’s a song about love and death, guilt and gratitude, taking time to figure out what’s most important, feeling desperately sad and isolated and grieving the loss of so many.

I don’t know what other bands “Black Car” sounds like, or have any clever phrases lined up to entreat you to click “play”. This is an honest, melancholy song about a universal experience that will be discussed in the history books of the future, guitars and synths centred around a heady electronic heartbeat, with a reverent Kurt Vonnegut reference (“loving echoes”) in the middle.

Keep your loved ones close x


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