Ep38: David Brewis (Field Music) on leaning into the editing process – inspiration is overrated

Ep38: David Brewis (Field Music) on leaning into the editing process – inspiration is overrated

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Welcome to my conversation with David Brewis, recorded on 11th March 2021. Field Music‘s new album “Flat White Moon” comes out on 23rd April 2021 and is available to pre-order now.

[Content warning: as always, some friendly swearing.]

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • inspiration – it’s nice when it happens, but it’s overrated, and having to work on your idea doesn’t make you a worse artist (plus it’s fun!)
  • the importance of sharing our experiences, to help younger artists have the encouragement we didn’t get ourselves
  • being prepared for the highs and lows of releasing albums – actually planning it in
  • how learning to do everything yourself can be faster than explaining what you want to someone else
  • the futility of playing support slots (even if they’re with your favourite bands)
  • why you don’t go to see Field Music for a good night out

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About Field Music

David and Peter Brewis have been releasing records as Field Music since 2005. The pair record at their own studio in Sunderland and have amassed a large and unwieldy catalogue which includes solo records, collaborations, a score for a silent documentary about the herring industry and a concept album about the aftermath of the First World War, as well as regular studio albums and occasional production work for other artists.

David’s third and most recent solo album as School of Language, 2019’s “45”, imagined the rise of Donald Trump as a funk musical.

Field Music’s new album, “Flat White Moon”, arrives in April 2021.

Visit Field Music’s website to find out more, and follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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  1. David Harris (Chops) says:

    Loved this episode, really nice to hear you talk to an artist I’ve followed for some time (I saw Field Music support Futureheads AND that tour David mentioned with Stealing Sheep). I’ve been enjoying the Field Music podcast too and love hearing David & Peter talk with so much enthusiasm about the music they love & how it’s influenced them.

    Think I’ve said this before but really love the podcast. Every episode makes me think about something I’ve not considered before & I find it fascinating to hear the similarities & differences between musicians.

    Also love how many new artists you’ve introduced me too. Most recently fallen very much for Danz CM.

    Thanks Laura x

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