Free music for you, to end 22

Free music for you, to end 22

As we approach the end of a particularly tough year, I’ve decided to collate all my free / pay what you want/can releases in one place, so you can fill your musical boots.

Throughout my solo career I’ve made sure to keep a healthy amount of my releases available for free download in super high quality. The idea is that I can offer a pleasant listening experience in a nice environment, with the added bonus feeling of being given a gift…because, who doesn’t like a gift?

Hang on…what do you mean by “free”?

Pay what you want/can means exactly that. All the links below will send you to one or other of my Bandcamp pages, where you can type 0 (zero) into the box to accept my offer of a gift, or you can choose to pay me for the music if you feel like it and are able to.

I’m not trying not to make money from my music – all contributions are much appreciated, as are purchases of my other digital and physical releases on Bandcamp. I’ve just always believed that music is for everyone, so this is a reminder of what I’ve got available regardless of your current financial situation. I mean, what a bloody year, right?!!!

SIDEBAR: If you’re in the mood to buy vinyl, CDs, t-shirts, lyric books, hoodies and/or more from me, the absolute best place is my own shop, where you can also pre-order the upcoming Obey Robots album (my collaboration with Rat from Ned’s Atomic Dustbin.

And if you’d like to get involved in powering the making of my music and videos in return for member perks, click here to join The Correspondent’s Club.

FREE MUSIC go go go!


No Dedications – Online Gig December 2022 ** LIMITED RELEASE, NEWEST THING **

Attention Engineer Nuggets of Wisdom

The Only Way Out Is Through (single)

Everything Looks Normal In The Sunshine (single)

I’ll Start A Fire (single)

Seventeen (single)

Black Car (single)

Cancel Your Hopes (single)

Exotic Monsters (single)


Super Connected

Not The Quiet Type

Let It Snow / Inside Out

Penfriend / SMW crossover

Seashaken demo (February 2019)


Disarm Album Commentary

Little Battles Album Commentary

Live at Oxted URC
(last SMW solo performance, full gig recording from November 2019)

Instrumentals – full albums


Little Battles


Direction Of Travel

Brace For Impact


Stargazing (Cajita remix, November 2016)

I Want My Country Back (single, May 2017)

Not In My Name (single, 2010)

You’re super welcome. BUT if you’d like to give me a gift in return – click here to watch my new video for “Super Connected”, then subscribe to my channel!

Laura xxx

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

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