I waited TEN YEARS for this!

➡️ I’ve been livestreaming solo music performances for 10 years, using lots of different setups. Some worked well, some were a nightmare. It’s hard to focus on your performance and find time to experiment when things aren’t plug-and-play – enter the Boss Gigcaster 8!

🎶 Get Gigcaster 8 / 5 here.

I was super excited to try this out, and I’m thankful to Roland/Boss for sending me this incredible piece of gear as a gift. Please note: I was under no obligation to say anything nice, or anything at all, and my opinions will always be honest.

Watch my full performance of “Olympian” here
Watch my previous livestream setup video here (Logic Pro X into OBS + tips on how to play to no-one)

Record videos / podcasts with remote guests and livestream to multiple platforms.
+ Get a 14-day free trial with my link

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