How selfies fixed my self confidence (gear + how & why to)

➡️ Not every person you see on the internet is super confident – I’m certainly not! A few years ago I decided I wanted to make a change, and taking self portraits using my camera, a tripod and a wireless shutter release button connected to my phone has made a HUGE difference to my ability to share my thoughts online.

I made this video to encourage you to at least think about giving it a try yourself: I talk about the mindset behind it, list the basic equipment you need and show exactly how I do it!

Life is too short to let our perceived visual imperfections get in the way of sharing our voices to help others, so please leave a comment with any questions you have about anything discussed in this video.

You can do this!

Love, Laura xxx

PS click through to YouTube to get links to my friend Jane’s book plus all the equipment I talked about

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