Ep46: Ginger Wildheart on creating a you-sized shape in the world of music

Ep46: Ginger Wildheart on creating a you-sized shape in the world of music

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Ginger Wildheart has been busy releasing music since the late 1980’s: as the leader of British rock band The Wildhearts, as a solo artist and as a member of numerous side projects and collaborations. Ever keen to find new ways to embrace his special relationship with supporters of his music, over the years he’s experimented with release methods outside the record label model including crowdfunding triple album 555% and running fan subscription club “the Ginger Associated Secret Society” or G-A-S-S.

Pre-order The Wildhearts’ 10th studio album “21st Century Love Songs” now – out on 3rd September 2021.

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • why Ginger would rather be a member of Sparks than a bigger but vastly inferior band
  • songwriting as a service
  • the beauty and resonance of the direct to fan relationship
  • the life-changing power of a song
  • why learning what not to do is more valuable than learning what’s awesome
  • what about the music industry? – predictions for a more sustainable, less bloated future

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  1. Graeme McDonald says:

    Just listened to the Ginger podcast.

    I’ve been a fan of the Wildhearts and Gingers solo stuff for years in fact I’ve problem.seen him in his various guises more than any other artist. In fact I came across She Makes War via Ginger and was hooked.
    To have my two favourite artists chatting and exchanging stories was an absolute joy.
    Thank you, it’s quite made my day

  2. Michael Flatters says:

    I’ve been a “fan” of Ginger’s since a buddy of mine gave me a promo copy of Earth Vs. in ’95. It’s been 25+ years of incredible music; highs, lows and everything in between. Since I live in the Pacific Northwest of the US, I’ve never been able to see him live, but it is at the top of my bucket list. I just wanted to thank you for an incredible interview. I actually found myself at times equally interested in your points of view and how you view creativity and the music business as what Ginger had to say. I’m definitely excited to go check out your music. Thank you for such a wonderful, candid interview. Really more of a conversation between old friends. Made for an enjoyable Tuesday night.

    • Laura Kidd says:

      Thanks so much for listening, Michael! What a cool musical journey you and The Wildhearts have been on – very impressive. It’s lovely to hear you enjoyed my show, you’re very very welcome here. Warm wishes, Laura xo

  3. Richie Wicks says:

    That was such a wholesome interview, this is how it should be. Am now deffo checking out your music now Laura, it comes highly recommended.

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