Ep31: Liz Stokes (The Beths) on establishing creative rules for songwriting, and why she always takes a cricket bat on tour

Ep31: Liz Stokes (The Beths) on establishing creative rules for songwriting, and why she always takes a cricket bat on tour

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Welcome to my conversation with Liz Stokes, recorded on 8th December 2020. The Beths’ latest album “Jump Rope Gazers” is out now – visit their website for more.

[Content warning: some friendly swears.]

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • the value of establishing creative rules for songwriting and making videos
  • touring New Zealand during the pandemic, and Beths’ bassist Ben’s secret breakfast blog
  • the success – and shelf life – of an indie band
  • coping mechanisms for happier touring – why The Beths always take a cricket bat on the road
  • the ever-expanding skillset of the modern musician

Explore Liz’s work:

About The Beths

The Beths hail from the vibrant and deeply collaborative music community of Auckland, New Zealand. Their blend of propulsive, sing-along choruses, four-part vocal arrangements, and wry, introspective lyrics has earned them fans around the world, as well as opening slots for indie rock titans like The Breeders, Pixies, Weezer, and Death Cab for Cutie.

The Beths’ 2018 debut album ‘Future Me Hates Me’ drew acclaim from Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, NPR, Stereogum, the A.V. Club and a host of other publications, many of whom listed Future Me Hates Me among their favourite LPs of 2018. The album also made the shortlist for New Zealand’s 2018 Taite Music Prize, and Stokes has twice been nominated for the Silver Scroll Award, New Zealand’s most prestigious songwriting honour. In 2019, The Beths were nominated for five Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards, winning Best Group and Best Alternative Artist.

After 18 months of touring, The Beths regrouped to write and record their second album, ‘Jump Rope Gazers’, a sparkling collection of songs that deepens and expands the bright talent they showed on their early releases. Bonds between the band members only grew after spending so much time on the road together, and their camaraderie shows on their new work.

‘Jump Rope Gazers’ is out now via Carpark Records.

Visit The Beths’ website for more.

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