Ep47: Miki Berenyi (Piroshka / Lush) on celebrating a breadth of voices in music

Ep47: Miki Berenyi (Piroshka / Lush) on celebrating a breadth of voices in music

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Content warning: this is a very (joyfully) sweary episode so probably not best listened to in the presence of kids. Don’t @ me, Dad!

Miki Berenyi is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who first became known in the late ’80s and ’90s as a member of Lush, and currently makes music in Piroshka.

Lush released four excellent albums, parted ways in tragic circumstances in 1998, reformed briefly in 2015 and then called it a day.

Piroshka emerged in 2018, four individuals with distinct musical identities but also overlapping histories – Miki on vocals and guitar, Justin Welch of Elastica on drums, Mick Conroy of Modern English on bass and Moose McKillop on guitar.

After debut album “Brickbat” explored social and political divisions by way of what MOJO described as “Forceful, driving garage songs and dream-pop epics”2021’s new album “Love Drips And Gathers” follows a more introspective line – the ties that bind us, as lovers, parents, children and friends – to a suitably subtler, more ethereal sound, whilst still revelling in energy and drama.

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • how Miki was a huge inspiration for teenage wannabe-musician me
  • what it’s like for her starting a new band after 20 years out of the music world
  • how creative work *is* work…but that’s okay
  • escaping the cartoon image of “Miki from Lush”
  • our shared future in chilblain rock

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