My Video Gear – 2022

My Video Gear – 2022

People often ask me what gear I use to make my videos, so I’ll keep this post up to date to save us time!

Thanks for asking – but please know that in terms of finding equipment for your projects, my rule of thumb is to decide on a budget and find something that works within that. I started off filming bands on a Handycam bought on eBay, and I worked up from there. I’ve been doing this for 20+ years now, and now own some very nice pieces of equipment, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get good results.

Your ideas are the most valuable part of anything you make – so just make stuff.

Please note: this post contains affiliate links. If you click through and buy the item (or any other item in the same web session) I will receive a small percentage from the sale, but you won’t be charged any extra. So, by clicking my links you are directly supporting my future music and videos – thank you. Please do shop around, though!!


  • Main camera: Canon R6
    (I also highly recommend the Canon 80D or similar if you’re on a budget)


  • Manfrotto BeFree travel tripod – I love this because it goes really tall and is very steady, unlike most smaller / lighter tripods. I use it all the time in my studio, not just for travel.


The three lenses I use for video

If I ever had £2000+ lying about I’d love the Canon 15-35mm RF lens but…yeah right!

Lenses I already owned from my event photography days


Audio is more important than picture quality – I mean it!

  • Tascam DR-10 portable recorder – I have trust issues with radio mics but many people use them with no issue, and there are some really affordable options these days. I prefer to use the Tascam, though, and plug in the Rode Lavalier II (though the Tascam comes with its own lav mic which is fine but not great). The Rode Lavalier Go is also an excellent wired lavalier mic.


I ignored lighting for years, assuming it was really difficult and really expensive. It’s actually not hard to do a decent job, just search for “three point lighting tutorial” on YouTube or Skillshare!

  • Godox SL-60W (my “posh” light, that I use as the main / key light) – there is a “silent” Godox ML-60 now which is better for video (though more expensive), though honestly I don’t pick up noise off this as I make sure my microphone is away from the camera on a stand.

  • Smallrig RA-D55 Parabolic Softbox – goes perfectly with the Godox, diffuses the light and is compact, unlike this Andoer Godox SB-UE 80cm softbox I had originally which would be great for larger spaces.

Bits and bobs

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