My HIGH QUALITY music live stream setup for YouTube

I’ve been livestreaming my gigs on the internet since 2013, and I’m not stopping now! This video is for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their livestreams by utilising Logic Pro X and OBS, and for music fans interested in the whys and wherefores of online gigging.

In this video, I talk through the equipment I use for my regular livestreams, why I started them so long ago and why I’ll keep doing them even though in-person shows are possible again. I also offer hard-won advice on how to hold your nerve during the performance, and a couple of things that, if avoided, will massive improve the quality of your performance.

Tech in brief: I send audio into Logic through my Focusrite Clarett interface, route it out to an aggregate device created using Blackhole, and then into OBS, which sends audio and video through to YouTube Studio. Alex Bayly’s step by step guide made this possible – watch here if you want to do the same thing (and check out his music, too!).

Full list of gear I mentioned (with some affiliate links)

Focusrite Clarett audio interface
(the Scarlett is also excellent)

Elgato Camlink 4K

Shure SM7B vocal mic
(I also use a Shure SM58 for my loop vocals)

Boss RC30 loop pedal
Sennheiser SE215 in-ear headphones

Godox SL-60W key light
Neewer 10.6 inch round light

I play my Reverend Double Agent OG guitar through a Fender Princeton amp with a Shure E906 mic recording it, plugged back into the Clarett via an XLR cable.

Find my full video gear list here.

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Have a lovely day! xo

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