Ep30: Rebecca Lucy Taylor (Self Esteem / Slow Club) on being an auteur, and how work’s more fun than fun

Ep30: Rebecca Lucy Taylor (Self Esteem / Slow Club) on being an auteur, and how work’s more fun than fun

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Thanks for visiting! Welcome to my conversation with Rebecca Lucy Taylor, recorded on 9th December 2020.

[Content warning: some friendly swears.]

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • how becoming a solo artist and making exactly the work she wanted drastically changed Rebecca’s mental health
  • how dancing brought RLT back to her body, bridging the gap between Slow Club and Self Esteem and bringing her joy
  • becoming a badge entrepreneur – how designing badges and fulfulling her own merch during lockdown has helped Rebecca feel useful (despite having the handwriting of a little naughty boy”!)
  • the pros and cons of relentless touring, and how that changes as you grow older and wiser
  • leaving no surface unstatemented – how RLT is making up for lost time after years of not being able to say what she meant

Explore Rebecca’s work:

About Rebecca Lucy Taylor

Rebecca Lucy Taylor is a true auteur – a musician, vocalist, songwriter and dancer with an all-encompassing vision that she channels into her solo project Self Esteem.

After releasing four critically acclaimed albums and touring the world with previous band, Slow Club, Rebecca released her debut solo album “Compliments Please” in 2019 and was nominated for best breakthrough act at the Q awards that year.

Visit Self Esteem’s website for more, and follow RLT on Twitter and Instagram.

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