Ep36: Sananda Maitreya on making a masterpiece of your life

Ep36: Sananda Maitreya on making a masterpiece of your life

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Hi there, and welcome to my conversation with Sananda Maitreya (the artist formerly known as Terence Trent D’Arby), recorded on 10th March 2021. Keep scrolling for links to everything we discussed in this episode and remember Sananda’s new album “Pandora’s PlayHouse” is out now.

[Content warning: as always, some friendly swearing.]

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • making a masterpiece of your life, not just your art
  • letting go of an abusive music industry past and learning to fly again
  • Sananda’s relationship with his singing voice
  • the life of an artist – a career or a calling?
  • the value of surrendering to the creative process and allowing it to surprise you
  • making music that babies are conceived to – is there any greater compliment for an artist?

Explore Sananda’s work:

About Sananda Maitreya

Artist, composer, arranger, producer, multi-instrumentalist, entrepreneur and Post Millennium Rocker Sananda Maitreya had his light switched on at the age of 2 by the music of the Beatles and has been a fool for music ever since.

His debut solo album, “Introducing the Hardline” was released in July 1987, producing hits including “If You Let Me Stay”, “Sign Your Name”, “Dance Little Sister”, and the number one hit “Wishing Well”, and he’s released 12 wide-ranging albums in the years since.

As the survivor of a trauma that forced his hand into rebuilding his identity, Sananda once let go of a former life in order to dedicate his new personage to the pursuit of his true calling. It meant rejecting what fans and the industry had presumed would be his lifelong endeavour; but realising the dream inside was bigger than what the former life could accommodate, he pulled through the other side and found purpose.

Never taking what he is fortunate to have for granted, new album “Pandora’s PlayHouse” pays homage to Sananda’s inspirations, mentors, and family, all whilst recounting the lessons he has carried through one of the most unique careers in musical history. A once-platinum-certified, multi-million selling artist, Sananda’s career could fill multiple lifetimes – and some would say it has.

Sananda’s new record “Pandora’s PlayHouse” was released on 15th March, 2021. Get it now!

Visit Sananda’s website and follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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  1. Tony Feheley says:

    That was beautiful Laura. He’s a deep and meaningful soul and it was a true pleasure to share that through the podcast and your considerate questions.
    That’s the second person who told me not to be sorry, and as the first is someone I totally respect I have to take him seriously; it may be the same muse.

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