Why releasing new music is scary…

It’s scary releasing new music: sharing emotions, thoughts, riffs and melodies, baring your soul and sticking your neck out…but ALSO putting your money where your mouth is.

Releasing an album independently means finding and fronting the money to manufacture vinyl, CDs, lyric books, pick tins, t-shirts, hoodies and badges PLUS paying someone to shoot the videos I can’t shoot myself, to illustrate the album cover, to buy props for the upcoming “Porcupine” video…it adds up quickly, and it’s a peculiar feeling clicking “buy” on every item, hoping we’ve got it right, hoping we can reach the people who will get excited about the music and accompanying treats.

Perhaps now you can imagine the delight and relief I am experiencing today as I tell you that the second of four limited edition vinyl colours just SOLD OUT, and share with you photos of the remaining two hot from the pressing plant (thank you, Press On Vinyl)! These beauties are being delivered NEXT WEEK: some for Rat, some for me and the rest for YOU (via our distribution partners).

It’s less than THREE WEEKS until “One In A Thousand” is released on 24th February, so do head to the shop asap to secure your copies on vinyl, CD or cassette – they’re not available anywhere else!

Thank you SO MUCH for taking a chance on this new music, and especially for getting behind it by ordering something direct from us.

In a world where you could easily listen to music for free, this means a lot – and at a time where many of us are just scraping by, it’s a great privilege to be able to sculpt songs from thin air for your enjoyment, however you choose to listen.

I made a video sharing more thoughts on all of this, I’d love it if you’d take a look:

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