Attention Engineer glowingly reviewed in The Observer!

Attention Engineer glowingly reviewed in The Observer!

An interview series from musician Laura Kidd. Kidd talks with insight and warmth to (mostly) other musicians. Her opening show is with Belly’s Tanya Donelly, and is completely delicious; her latest is with comedian Bec Hill and is just as great. In between we get the likes of Charlotte Hatherley, Tom Robinson and many more. As a musician herself, Kidd understands how to talk to her interviewees, but these are not the back-slapping all-slebs-together podcasts that we’ve become used to. Instead, we learn about how to sleep on a tour bus and whether B7 is the most irritating chord. A really lovely listen.

~ Miranda Sawyer, The Observer (print) / Guardian (online)
…because I believe in celebrating the little (and big!) victories.

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