I said I would…

I said I would…

During last month’s online gig I said I was going to play live more regularly – so I’m playing a completely different set of songs (including a BRAND new one – written yesterday!) next Wednesday 25th October at 8pm.

I’m calling it “Comfort Songs for Dark Days”. As the rain lashes down from a wintry sky here in Nottingham and the world news gets more sad and more scary, it feels like a good idea to keep coming together.

So, I hope you’ll join me for an hour of sad songs to make you feel better, beaming live from the cosy nook of my brand new attic studio The Launchpad*.

Entry is FREE*, the gig starts at 8pm UK time and you can set a reminder for yourself here.

After last month’s silly troll I’ve restricted commenting to subscribers only, so here’s a link to subscribe to my channel while you’re there – it all helps spread the word to other music lovers too. Thank you!

Laura xoxo

* PS for the kind people who always ask how they can pay to attend, there are several ways of supporting me: joining The Correspondent’s Club, buying some music/merch from my shop and/or sending me a contribution via Paypal.

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