Feel the weight of the world, feel the weight of the universe

This is the last video in this little series, and this is your last chance to grab two FREE / pay what you can live albums before they disappear in a puff of glitter tomorrow night.

I wrote this song about feeling on the outside of things, confused by how light years apart people can think and act when given the same information.

“Far away, looking back from this constellation
Castaway, adrift on my own space station”

The world is at turns huge and strange, violent and terrifying, wonderful and unimaginably awe inspiring. The fact that I can beam my music from my space station to yours blows me away – thank you for being here.

This recording of “Dispensable Body” is part of my new live album “In The Many Moons”

And the song also appears on my other new live album “Encore”!

Pay what you want, from £0 to infinity, for either or both. Thank you.

Laura xxx

✅ “Dispensable Body” appears on my debut Penfriend album “Exotic Monsters”


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See you soon xo

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