I’d like to delete myself…

Delete: the song that started out as a joke about using a loop pedal, and turned into a high point of almost every live set I performed from mid 2011- my last in-person show in late 2019.

I always enjoyed surprising people in the audience by appearing next to them wielding a megaphone, singing “don’t stop the clocks, don’t mention the time, eyes front and we’ll all be fine”. Hands up if you ever witnessed this in person!

I’d like to delete myself
Don’t like to repeat myself, no

Pay what you want for the live album here and pick up your copy of “Encore” too (I recorded the whole thing again the next day just in case…)

✅ “Delete” appears on my second She Makes War album “Little Battles” *and* my 2019 reworkings collection “And Peace” and this version of the song was recorded live during my first online gig of 2023!

“Delete” was performed live on vocals, Boss RC30 loop pedal and Trash Talk telephone mic, recorded through the Boss Gigcaster 8.

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