Clouds collide…

When I listen closely to the lyrics I wrote more than a decade ago, my heart aches for that younger woman.

“Others love, I stay rooted to the ground
Losing, never found
Olympian, show me how to feel again
Save me, my Apollo”

In “Olympian” (from my debut album “Disarm”) I was experimenting with using myths and legends to tell a story, but what came out was my own melancholy and frustration at my situation. The idea that someone could come along and save me was very appealing in those darker days, but of course, in the end, that person was me.

PAY WHAT YOU WANT / CAN for this recording of “Olympian” as part of my new live album “In The Many Moons”.

It also appears on my other new live album “Encore”!

Type zero to infinity in the box at checkout, you’re very welcome to have this music as a gift from me to you.

Thank you!


Laura xxx

✅ “Olympian” appears on my debut She Makes War album “Disarm”.

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