Ep33: Liela Moss (The Duke Spirit) on artistic evolution – dropping the ego and practising for inner peace

Ep33: Liela Moss (The Duke Spirit) on artistic evolution – dropping the ego and practising for inner peace

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Greetings, dear listener, and welcome to my conversation with Liela Moss, recorded in February 2021. Keep scrolling down for links to everything we discussed in this episode and go pre-order Liela’s “Who The Power” (Reformed) remix album as soon as you’ve had a listen.

[Content warning: as always, some friendly swearing.]

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • learning to give space to other aspects of life as a touring musician
  • evolving as an artist – letting go of the ego-driven side of being on stage while still being in love with singing and words
  • the life-changing power of meditation – Liela’s experience of silent Vipassana retreats and how to bring the benefits of meditation into everyday life *and* music making
  • releasing an album during COVID-19 – the reasons for going ahead
  • blushing all day long – the day Liela got to sing with Nick Cave

Explore Liela’s work:

About Liela Moss

First known for her work as vocalist with the Duke Spirit, Liela Moss’s solo albums “My Name Is Safe In Your Mouth” (2018) and “Who The Power” (2020), recorded with producer and partner Toby Butler, mark great leaps forward for one of alt-rock’s most magnetic voices.

Over 14 years, Moss’s work with the Duke Spirit (not gone, just on pause) ranged from brawling riff-rock to the more exploratory Sky Is Mine (2017). Other projects have included synth-rock recordings with Butler under the name Roman Remains; elsewhere, Moss has leant her sublime voice to studio and live collaborations with UNKLE, Nick Cave, Giorgio Moroder and Lost Horizons, the project formed by former Dif Juz drummer Richie Thomas and Bella Union’s Simon Raymonde, who produced three Duke Spirit albums.

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  1. Tony Feheley says:

    Another interesting and inspirational 90 mins and thanks to both for sharing. In these days of isolation from others being able to hear and appreciate the thoughts and challenges of others.

    Just wanted to note you may not realise the positive vicarious effect your podcast’s have. There’s always something positive to take away. Hoping you get a similar cathartic value out of doing them – a win/win

    • Laura Kidd says:

      Ah Tony, thanks for saying that! The main aim of this podcast is to send those creative vibrations out to listeners, so it’s lovely to hear that’s working. I absolutely love getting to speak to these brilliant people as well, so yes, I get a LOT out of the conversations as well. Win win indeed! Thanks for listening!

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