Why I won’t be playing in-person gigs in 2021

Why I won’t be playing in-person gigs in 2021

For everyone who’s been asking me whether I’m going to be touring in 2021 – here are my thoughts on the matter.

We’re all missing live concerts, artists are floundering and the live music industry is running on hope fumes, but I believe there’s an ethical decision to make here on a personal level. We are part of something much bigger than ourselves, and we have to do what we can to protect every member of our community.

Please watch the video and let me know where your head’s at on all this. Respectful discussion is always very welcome in the comments.


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  1. John Palmer says:

    Everyone’s got a *hopefully well thought-out* perspective on their own hopes and likely level of activities for later this year. Some are fatigued with the uncertainty, are keen to abandon patience and ultra-caution, and will find it easier to do so if their peers/friends reach a consensus. Some remain true to their values, the big picture, the risks of going too far too fast, however well-intentioned. We’re all different creatures, with so many complex considerations and motivations and needs and levels of perspective. Being a hermit by nature 6 days a week, but someone who determinedly travels with abandon far and wide to support my football team and/or go to 50-miles-away city gigs (like yours) on public transport mostly, I agree with you wholeheartedly on your decisions and your reasons, and felt so *connected* to hear the clarity, articulation, sense, empathy and strength in your explanations. It’ll take until 2022 before we’re all safe enough to be totally free to gallivant to our heart’s content around the nations – this was always likely to be the timescale, even from March 2020’s dark early days. Vaccinations great hope, along with the sturdy indomitable frisson and upliftingness of music and words and art etc, will see us all through to then.

  2. Sam Parr says:

    I hope to see a live performance by somebody(band or solo artist) this summer, but I guess artists need to do what is right for themselves and family members etc. I live in North America where it seems like things are getting better quickly, but being careful is still important. It is still a “1 step at a time” thing, I guess.

    regards to everyone,

    Sam Parr

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