New Year, new live album gift for YOU

I have a New Year’s gift for you: a hopeful 6-song live experience with bonus track and accompanying friendly gig chat.

—> Get your copy of “Mending The Year” here – pay what you want from £0 to whatever you like!

** Limited release! This album is only available for the next 10 days – go go go! **

Last Friday I collected my most hopeful songs together to play for you, and I haven’t felt so relaxed on stage in some time.

It was fun to rework some older songs, two tracks that have rarely if ever been performed live: “Disarm” (from my 2012 album “Little Battles”) and “5000 Miles” (from 2016’s “Direction Of Travel”).

We talked about the inspiration behind my “mend the year” lyric in “Paper Thin”, my “shiny things” for 2024 and more besides. What a lovely night!

Thanks for being there live, if you were, and either way you’re very welcome to take this live album as a gift, or contribute if you’d like:

Happy New Year to all of us! Whatever you’re going through, I’m sending you my love and hopeful wishes for a great year ahead.

Warm wishes and thanks for being here!
Laura xxx

PS ✅ “5000 Miles” appears on my third She Makes War album “Direction Of Travel” and this version of the song was performed live on 29th December 2023.

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