Remember when Pledge Music stole our money?!

Remember when Pledge Music stole our money?!

For this new article I was invited to share my thoughts on how artists can take control of their online presence, instead of leaving it all in the hands of big companies who don’t care about us.

After Pledge Music folded in early 2019, stealing £6000 of my fans’ money aka the profit from my 2018 album “Brace For Impact”, I created my own Patreon-style membership club.

I invited everyone on my mailing list to join, and since February 2019 I have been able to do this weird and wonderful job full-time, instead of frantically freelancing in the day, trying to write songs at night and putting albums out every few years.

This is an unusual state of affairs. Most music makers have to juggle making their art with paid work doing other things. There’s nothing wrong with that, and the art isn’t any better or worse because the artist has to support themselves in other ways – but wouldn’t it be lovely if more of us could have a bit more time to make the things you love?

I’ve always been a grafter, and I enjoyed my freelance career making videos, taking photos and doing all sorts of digital bits and pieces – BUT I love what I do now way more. It’s what I’m best at, and I am forever grateful and thankful to everyone who’s:

– been a member of The Correspondent’s Club (and Supersub Club before it)
– crowdfunded or pre-ordered one of my albums
– bought music or merch from Bandcamp or my shop or at a gig
– come to see me play
– said hi and been friendly online

We’re in this together! If you’re in a position to support the artists you love by picking up music or merch please do, and if you’re not – PLEASE subscribe to their YouTube channels (hint hint), like and comment on their posts and, if you feel like it, send a compliment their way.

It all adds up to a really wonderful feeling of community, and spurs us on to keep making songs for you.

For my part, I’ll continue sharing how and why I do things, to help anyone else who wants to be more creative in their own lives.

Sending big love
Laura xxx


I’m proud and very thankful to be a fully fan-funded artist, so if you’d like to stay involved and continue to support the making of new music, writing and videos:

🎁 Get your FREE 12-track album + 31-page PDF zine of stories, photographs and artwork here.

❤️ Get immediate access to my entire digital archive (close to 200 tracks!) plus additional ongoing Member Perks by joining The Correspondent’s Club on Patreon!

🎸 Listen to my latest solo album “Exotic Monsters” and browse my back catalogue.

🎥 Watch my videos for adventures in sound & songwriting.

💬 Chat with me on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

See you soon xo

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  1. says:

    Cu tot respectul pentru mesajul Laura, trebuie recunoscuta talentul si pasiunea ei pentru muzica si desfasurarea activitatilor sale din spatele scenei. Incurajez cu drag orice artist sa ia controlul asupra prezentei lor online, pentru ca ramasitele vor depinde de el. Laura, curaj si succes in continuare pentru muzica ta!

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