Ep25: Thea Gilmore on ignoring normal to build an 18 album career

Ep25: Thea Gilmore on ignoring normal to build an 18 album career

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Hello and welcome to my conversation with Thea Gilmore, recorded on 16th November 2020. Visit Thea’s website here and scroll down for more links to her work.

[Content warning: some friendly swears.]

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • building a longlasting music career – removing power from the middlemen and finding ways forward that aren’t whatever normal is
  • how growing up alongside your fans is a bit like being followed around by your school class
  • how imposter syndrome can keep you grateful
  • honesty in music – taking down the wall brick by brick to become more uncomfortable
  • creating a sustainable income as an artist – the importance of both our subscription clubs in our continuing survival as artists, and Thea’s pioneering early work in this area
  • how fame seems awful
  • what it’s like to be one of Bruce Springsteen’s favourite artists

Explore Thea’s work:

Find out more by visiting Thea’s website and following her on Twitter.

About Thea Gilmore

An artist of enduring international acclaim and a justly revered lyricist, Thea Gilmore’s musical settings have taken many ingenious detours in the 22 years since the release of her debut album, Burning Dorothy. Uncategorisable, whip smart and unafraid to speak her mind, her Twitter bio reads “Singer. Songwriter. Tall bird. Corruptor of words”.

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