Red hair and attitude – “A-Hole” Live from the Archive (2008)

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This is a serious blast from the past, and I don’t even remember filming it, but I’m glad I did!

In 2008 I lived alone in a studio flat in Peckham (then I got my amazing dog Mister Benji and never lived alone again!), and was working hard to pull together songs for my debut album.

I recorded “Disarm” in winter 2009, so this is a very early performance of “A-Hole”, which is still one of my favourite songs from that album.

“Disarm” was released under the name She Makes War in September 2010. I made four and a bit albums under that name, putting music out from 2009-2019 before launching Penfriend in 2020.

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Have a lovely day! xo

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