Ep22: Bernard Butler on sticking to his guns, staying creative and always moving forward

Ep22: Bernard Butler on sticking to his guns, staying creative and always moving forward

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Welcome to my conversation with Bernard Butler, recorded on 22nd October 2020.

[Content warning: some friendly swears.]

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • Bernard’s latest collaboration – “In Memory Of My Feelings” with Catherine Anne Davies aka The Anchoress
  • looking for “the crack in the door” – working out what you can bring to a project as a producer / songwriter
  • the power of songwriting to change lives
  • sticking to your guns and refusing to live off past glories
  • how committing “career suicide” led to one of the biggest pop bangers of all time (and it was written in just one afternoon)
  • what it’s like to be treated like a character, not a person
  • turning down the chance to work with Adele in favour of a football match – and having zero regrets
  • why going on about “the good old days” is a crime against humanity

Explore Bernard’s work:

Find out more by visiting his website and following him on Twitter.

About Bernard

Bernard Butler is an English musician, songwriter and record producer, noted as one of Britain’s most original and influential guitarists.

Beginning his long and varied music career as a founding member of Suede, Butler is well known for wildly successful collaborations with David McAlmont, Duffy and supergroup The Tears (with former Suede bandmate Brett Anderson).

As a producer and songwriter he’s worked with far too many names to mention, including The Libertines, Kate Nash, Nerina Pallot, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Texas, Sam Lee and Paloma Faith as well as playing guitar on records by Aimee Mann, Bryan Ferry, Roy Orbison, Bert Jansch, Neneh Cherry and Ben Watt.

Alongside all this he is resident lecturer at BIMM London, teaching some very lucky students on the BA Songwriting course.

Top photo credit: Hollie Fernando.

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  1. Martin Bridges says:

    Outstanding stuff. Sat here in the late evening in New Zealand with a beer and a cigar, being inspired. I need to go and listen to that new album!

  2. Pete Murphy says:

    Hey Laura,
    I’m only halfway through this episode, and I’m absolutely loving it. What a great conversation!
    I really love the oblique strategy talk, when Bernard says –
    “What if you took away the thing that makes this work?
    What could happen?
    What are the possibilities?”

    Really inspiring, as is every episode of the podcast I’ve listened to so far.

    I also listened to the Anchoress and Lemn episodes today, both of which I loved. Its great to hear you and your guests imparting so much valuable wisdom, and inspiring creativity and positivity.

    Wish I could afford to contribute financially to the correspondents club, but the pandemic has had quite an effect on the finances (paying gigs obviously disappeared, TV / film sync stuff died off, etc etc).

    Success to you!
    All the best,

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