“Direction Of Travel” – (2016)

From 2009-2019 I made music under the name She Makes War, releasing 4 and a bit solo albums and playing nearly 600 shows.

My third album “Direction Of Travel” was made in the cold months straddling 2014 and 2015 in Bristol, Brighton and London. It felt like a long time coming.

After releasing “Little Battles” in 2012 I’d moved cities, lived in six different houses, loved a little and lost a lot. Right before I went into the studio in December 2014 I tested my mettle with a 35 date tour, consisting of three weeks adventuring around Germany on my own, travelling by train, and three weeks supporting The Levellers in Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and all around the UK.

I survived to tell the tales contained within these songs, and sent them out into the world to find their own direction of travel. Thank you so much for listening.

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