Experience “Exotic Monsters” Live!

Experience “Exotic Monsters” Live!

Let’s celebrate! It’s one year since my debut Penfriend album landed at #5 in the Independent Albums Chart and #24 in the Official UK Albums Chart, and got me a spot next to Billie Eilish in Music Week Magazine.

I couldn’t have done this without your support, so I’d love you to join me for a special FREE livestream event.

The gig will take place on my YouTube channel – here’s the direct link to set a reminder / watch live on the night / watch later.

Hooray live music!
Hooray first gig poster in forever!

If you’re a Facebooker, here’s the event – all sharing much appreciated!

And if you’re like “Exotic whatnow?” – here’s the album.

Hope to see you there xo

THANK YOU for visiting my website! I’m Laura Kidd, a music producer, songwriter and podcaster based in Bristol, UK. It’s great to meet you.

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Have a lovely day xo

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