“Little Battles” + “Disarm” reissues + first-time on vinyl!

“Little Battles” + “Disarm” reissues + first-time on vinyl!

It’s astonishing to me that this April 9th marks the tenth anniversary of the release of my second album “Little Battles”. It is, however, true – so I’m celebrating with some beautiful limited edition merch!

​To celebrate a decade of “Delete”, I commissioned artist Ben the Illustrator to give his brilliant cover version treatment to the artwork for both “Little Battles” and my debut album “Disarm”, and mastering whizz Katie Tavini spruced up the audio for the vinyl press.

Both albums are available to own on very limited edition (300!) coloured vinyl for the first time ever, there’s a short print run of CDs with the new artwork, a never-before-released demos and rarities collection for “Little Battles” and a reprint of the 10th Anniversary “Disarm” demos and rarities.

This is a pre-order – due to worldwide vinyl delays I ordered these beauties last autumn, and have been given a confirmed delivery date to Penfriend HQ of July 2022. I’ll send them out to you right after I get my hands on them.

If you just can’t wait for a vinyl copy, I have just three (3) super duper rare black vinyl test pressings of each album which will be signed and (optionally) personalised.

Described as one Bandcamper as “one of the most fabulous albums I’ve heard. It captured raw emotion beautifully. It makes me want to make better music, hell, it just makes me want to be better. Inspiring!” – “Little Battles” will always have a special place in my heart.

My debut album “Disarm” took shape gradually over a number of years, but the supposedly “difficult second album” flowed out of me in the space of a few short months. It’s a heartfelt piece of work with its own musical fingerprint: glittery, gloomy, intense, dreamy. Always honest.

The songs on this album took me on adventures I could never have dreamed of. Megaphone walkabouts, many raucous singalongs and Deutsche Bahn adventure tours. So many gigs! Tasmin Archer (yes, “Sleeping Satellite”!) sings backing vocals on one song, Chris T-T plays piano on another. Do stuff – stuff happens.

I’m always so touched when my work has an impact on other humans. That’s what music is for, but I don’t take it for granted.

Thank you so much for all you do.

With love,
Laura xxx

PS check out more of Ben’s cover versions here – one of his Bjork prints will be going up in The Launchpad soon!

PPS I’m feeling PRETTY awkward about the naming of both these albums and my old solo project given the events of this week in Ukraine – all I can say is this release date has been planned for months, my old artist name was supposed to be about pacifism / alternatives to violence, and I’m now extra happy to have ditched it at the end of 2019 and launched Penfriend in 2020. My thoughts are with the people of Ukraine, and I’ve donated to the cause via this page.

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