Look what we made! Obey Robots unboxing video + Top 20 WTF?

It’s been an exciting few days in album release land. Packages of colourful merch have been arriving, books, CDs and guitar and bass picks have been signed with metallic Sharpie, and on Tuesday Rat and I spent some time oohing and ahhing at the beautiful things.

UK Top 20 WTF?

It’s really happening. Thanks to generous, supportive music fans our album is now gunning for the UK Top 20. Even writing that makes me feel…funny. Based on sales to date, “One In A Thousand” is possibly headed for the dizzy heights of the Official UK Albums Chart, a real pie in the eye for all people who have ever told Rat and I we couldn’t/shouldn’t.

The music manager who told me “I don’t see people lining up to work with you”…the teacher who said I should focus on the violin, because playing bass was a waste of time…the ex-boyfriend who told me I couldn’t – and shouldn’t – sing.

There will always be someone around to rain on your parade, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend time on the things that make you happy.

Our labour of love is having an effect on the people listening and watching – and sharing the music we’re so proud of is all that really matters…but I can’t deny it would be very exciting to see this independent release jostling with the big labels purely down to people power!

Whatever happens to “One In A Thousand”, its success is down to you! If you’d like to share something of ours with a friend, the “Porcupine” video is making people smile.

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