Making my first music video – 2009 VLOG

An historical vlog from February 2009. See clips of “snow day” in London and enjoy my very first music video!

“Eye Spy” is a straight-up anti-war song, and listening to the lyrics again now I feel sad that they’re always relevant. The video was shot by me in Brockwell Park, Herne Hill, and was the very start of my music video directing adventures. On-screen assistance comes from actor friend Melissa Dozois, in character as her silent movie creation Molly.

All the footage in the vlog and the music video was shot on tape – yep, video editing used to be quite the faff!

🎶 A similar but different version of “Eye Spy” was recorded at the end of 2009 as part of my debut album “Disarm”. “Disarm” and my second album “Little Battles” are available on limited edition coloured vinyl – for the first time EVER – plus CD/download from my shop.

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Have a lovely day! xo

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