New Penfriend live album – available for one week only!

New Penfriend live album – available for one week only!

Last Friday’s Correspondent’s Club livestream turned out so nicely I’m sharing the posh recordings with you for one week only!

I played seven songs and had a nice chat with the Correspondents, and you can grab the whole thing right now on a pay what you want/can basis.

*If you’re a paying Correspondent, DO NOT FEEL ANY PRESSURE TO PAY! If money is tight, DO NOT FEEL ANY PRESSURE TO PAY! All contributions are much appreciated, but PWYW is always my genuine gift to you 🙂 XOXO

Track listing:

1. Hello  
2. Seventeen 
3. I’ll Start A Fire
4. Changes in The Launchpad 
5. Seashaken
6. Livestream love and a bit about the new album
7. Out Of The Blue
8. Nice rambly Q&A about all sorts
9. Black Car
10. Dispensable Body
11. An interesting experiment
12. The Only Way Out Is Through
13. Thank you and LUV

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