New Penfriend TV live album – available for one week only!

New Penfriend TV live album – available for one week only!

Surprise PWYW live album for youuuuuuuuuu! On Friday 31st July I played my third Correspondent’s Club livestream, including a brand new song called “Seventeen”, and I am making some live recordings available to ALL for one week only, just pay what you can*.

*If you’re a paying Correspondent, DO NOT FEEL ANY PRESSURE TO PAY! If money is tight, DO NOT FEEL ANY PRESSURE TO PAY! All contributions help get my new album made, so are much appreciated, but PWYW is my genuine gift to you 🙂 XOXO

Track listing:

1. Hello and welcome 
2. Everything Looks Normal In The Sunshine 
3. Witchy hair 
4. Dispensable Body 
5. On my own space station 
6. Long Shadows 
7. Attention Engineer and memories of Germany 
8. Seventeen 
9. Cancel Your Hopes 
10. Thank you and massive courgette 
11. The Only Way Out Is Through 

NOTE: this is a six song download + chat, most of the tracks are set as bonus tracks to maintain a fun air of secrecy, but they will appear as if by magic once you place your order.

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