Ep16: Nova Twins on creativity, craft and commitment

Ep16: Nova Twins on creativity, craft and commitment

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Hello there, and welcome to my conversation with Nova Twins, recorded on 28th July 2020. Keep scrolling down for links to everything we discussed in this episode and make sure you pick up their debut album “Who Are The Girls?” – visit their website for more.

[Content warning: occasional friendly swears.]

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • life in lockdown – finding new ways to connect with your audience when all your gigs have been cancelled
  • the importance of knowing your goals
  • how the landmark of releasing their debut album set them on the path to creating more longform bodies of work
  • the benefits of being an independent band, developing your unique sound with no timetable
  • why they won’t tell you which guitar pedals they use
  • who do you want coming to your shows? How the Black Lives Matter movement inspired Nova Twins to use their platform to speak out about injustice and showed them who their allies are
  • creativity, craft and commitment – behind the scenes of Nova Twins’ powerful music videos

Explore Nova Twins’ work:

Nova Twins Recommend:

Other things we talked about:

Watch Nova Twins’ “Voices For The Unheard” Instagram shows here.

Guests so far have included Connie Constance, Sophie K, Shingai, Loathe, Fuck U Pay Us, Death Tour, Melanie Faye and Divinity Roxx.

About Nova Twins

Nova Twins are bassist Georgia South and guitarist and vocalist Amy Love.

Fast becoming trailblazers in their own right, Nova Twins use their platform to champion inclusivity and diversity with a high-octane, genre-warping approach; one that is present in every song they write and every performance they deliver. Turning heads in all of their endeavours, the duo creates a remarkable depth of sound via a myriad of bass and guitar pedals – a secret recipe they have tweaked and refined over the years, whilst dogmatically avoiding any synthesizers in the process. 

Innovative in not only their musical output but in every element of what they do as artists, from designing and making their own outfits for all photoshoots and stage-wear, to the art direction of their music videos. The band are above all, strong, independent and inspiring women of colour. Their modus operandi is to take socio-political experiences from their day-to-day and turn it into something their fans can get lost in.

Visit Nova Twins’ website for more and follow them on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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