The Only Way Out Is Through (8/9/20)

The Only Way Out Is Through (8/9/20)

Release date: 8th September 2020
Label: My Big Sister Recordings
Distributor: Southern Record Distributors


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I can’t do much of anything when I’m feeling down, let alone write a song about it, but one day in 2019 when I was trudging my way back, I made an attempt to leave a breadcrumb trail for my future self.

“The Only Way Out Is Through” is my attempt to trap the “shapeless forces” that “pull at me”, making them solid by assigning words to them, reducing their power and size to something I might feasibly be able to overcome. The aspirational sentiment that “resistance is crucial, forgiveness is beautiful” is one I find very hard to enact in the moment, but something I can at least continue to strive for.

Ironically, this song is being released during my lowest fortnight of the last 12 months, so the safety line of lyrics I knotted inside the music is a helpful reminder of brighter days.

The choice to release music in a universally dark time isn’t one I take lightly. “The Only Way Out Is Through” is the most resonant and useful piece of music I have to offer right now, a rescue raft for whoever needs one.

That’s what this song is for me.


Gotta get out of this
Making a meal of distress
Fatalistic to the bone
Thunderclouds in every home
Gotta get out of this

The only way out is through
Not gonna lose my heart – I never meant to
The only way out is through

Gotta get out of this
Drowning in yesterday’s tears
Intimate conspiracies
Shapeless forces pull at me
Gotta get out of this

The only way out is through
Not gonna lose my heart – I never meant to
The only way out is through

The only way out is through
Not gonna lose my heart
I never meant to wish on a falling star
But I won’t let it go

Denial take me away
Pretend like I’m not the queen of stretching the days
In all the wrong ways – til they break
Denial take me away
I crave your sweet mistakes but
Resistance is crucial, forgiveness is beautiful

The only way out is through
Not gonna lose my heart – I never meant to
The only way out is through


Written, produced and performed by Laura Kidd at The Launchpad, Bristol.
Drums by Max Saidi. Mixed by Dan Austin. 
Mastered by Chris McCormack at Blacklisted Mastering.

Portrait by @genskiart, logo and wordmark by Miritte Ben Yitzchak, concept and layout by Laura Kidd.

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  1. Colin Mason says:

    Hi Laura – hope you feel more positive soon – virtual hug!
    For me the lyrics of this song are pertinent to the Covid-19 situation we’re in atm. The only way out of it is through it – we can’t go back and pretend it hasn’t happened (much as we’d all like to); we can’t sidestep it and ignore it until it goes away (it won’t), so the only way is forward through the sh*te and turmoil we and the rest of the world is experiencing now, dealing with it the best way we can. There will be better days ahead xx

  2. Mike McLaughlin says:

    I know the words to this song speak to my own mental health problems & very often I find music is the thing that keeps me from sinking further (getting onto the downward spiral is easy, staying on it is not mandatory, or advisable) I can certainly relate to the idea of pushing something creative out into the world when it feels like the world is closing around me, I spent all last year uploading to YouTube daily and it both drove me to despair and kept me sane, previous years had frequently found me dipping into pretty bad mental states and this year is pushing me back in the same direction (some days lying on the floor with my eyes closed and my laptop just playing whatever album I had last purchased has been all I can do). I hope releasing this helps you navigate back to a better mental space, I know it’s part of a growing number of songs which help to lift my mood. Much love, look after yourself.

  3. Keith Bell says:

    Hi Laura,
    I find the music to the lyrics beautifully retro. Not in a lazy nostalgia, but in a way that takes me back to songs around my teens and early twenties. That was when I thought the struggle that was ‘life’ would not go on forever. That easy times ‘life’ were ahead. The lyrics similarly relate to my naive Hope back then… and my continued naive hope now! Naive hope is a power for good. As mentioned in other comments… right now these lyrics have never been more pertinent and I can totally align with them. Keep safe and keep that naive hope… we will both with through it!!

  4. Tim Smith says:

    I really enjoyed listening to that, great song. If writing helps as part of your coping strategy, then more power to your elbow!

  5. Bill Hull says:

    Such a great song, Laura – gorgeous guitar line in the chorus, such a lovely hook – ‘making a meal of distress’ seems to speak of a burden placed on others and self disgust – a tough line, hope you’re feeling better cos you are making great connections thru the wonderful music you make. Another triumph, take care.

    • Laura Kidd says:

      Thanks so much, Bill. You’re right about that line, I was trying to describe some of my worst feelings about letting past events continue to affect me in the present. Excellent ears! Thanks for the support xo

  6. Andy Clark says:

    Loving this song.

    A familiar link to She Makes War songs but at the same time different and fresh – so they compliment each other.

    Lyrically I needed someone to say this eloquently, I’ve just been incoherently ranting the same sentiment. I have for the longest time used my own music as an escape from dark places, emotions and situations – possibly why my own songs are often so dark. This song takes a positive approach to escaping, I like that.

    Killer sounds too.

    Thank you

    • Laura Kidd says:

      Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Andy! TBH I need to set these sentiments out in song to remind myself when I need something more concrete than the whirl of thoughts and emotions that accompany me in daily life. A moment of clarity and focus. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the song xo

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