Thank you (yes, YOU) x

I’ve been handling some really neggy comments recently, and I’m exhausted.

After a long day of batting away the words of nasty strangers and thinking about where I’d prefer to be spending my energy, I felt inspired to write this short piece to appreciate YOU. Thank you xo

Here’s my little poem:

I want to say thank you – yes, thank YOU
For being you. For being someone who
Taps play on a video, clicks “like” when you like stuff
Spends time seeking out new music
Because nothing is ever quite enough
for your curious mind –
and there’s always something new and exciting to find
– and hey, thanks for saying hi sometimes.

You. You’re the one I think about
Every time I get my camera out, and write my notes
And think of ways to help or entertain you
The way that, for me, others do.

In this circle of encouragement
And love
And understanding
And human experience
And documenting
And supporting 
All to try and make sense of our place on this big wonderful planet.

I want to thank YOU
For supporting me to make
The things I hope will add something good to a world
We all take from
It’s about filling the well
And filling it well
With songs, stories and creative encouragement
From me to you

Because you help me so much and so I want to, simply,
Thank you xxx

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Have a lovely day! xo

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