“Attention Engineer” – trailer online now!

“Attention Engineer” – trailer online now!

Announcing the launch of my weekly podcast series “Attention Engineer”! The trailer is done done done, and submitting it for inclusion in all the big podcast directories this afternoon was quite thrilling. I’ll be updating the subscribe links on this page as and when they’re confirmed.

I’ve had “make a podcast” on my To Do list for at least six years, but I’m glad I waited. It’s taken me a while to develop the confidence in my interviewing and recording/editing/mixing abilities to the point where I felt I could ask some of the big names on my wishlist to take part, and I’m delighted and thankful so many people said yes before there was any evidence this was going to be a real thing!

I’ve recorded 12 conversations with some of my favourite artists and will be releasing them once a week from Wednesday 3rd June, then inviting more people to take part as we go along.

This is going to be FUN.

I’ve taken the decision not to court business sponsors for this podcast, because I love the idea of it being fan powered instead. If you’d like to support it please consider joining The Correspondent’s Club on a free or paid tier. Check out “Sponsor A Podcast” – you can choose which episode you’d like a shoutout in. Contact me if you’d like to discuss this further.

THANK YOU for visiting my website!

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Have a lovely day xo

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  1. Gudrun Thaeter says:

    I am so curious to finally hear your Podcast episodes! Already subscribed on Apple Podcasts. So let’s see. You know that I am also a podcast host? There are even a few English episodes available: http://modellansatz.de/en And there are Engineers *highfive*!

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