I’m singing on Miles Hunt’s new song “Things Can Change”

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+ Watch the “Things Can Change” video here.

In January 2022, one of my musical heroes invited me to contribute vocals to two of his new songs, and this video includes some glamorous behind the scenes shots of self-shooting some footage for his brand new music video.

Here’s to giving ourselves permission to do our own thing!

I was never invited to work in the music industry, so have had to find ways of overcoming my inner critic and giving myself permission to create my music, videos, podcast series and blog posts as an independent producer, songwriter and filmmaker.

“Sometimes people ask me what it’s like to work in the music industry, and, genuinely, that question baffles me. No-one ever asked me to come and work in the music industry, no-one hired me, or promoted my work, or paid me for my time. I don’t have any contact with the people who work there, I don’t know how it operates, really, and I’m pretty sure they’re unaware that I also work there, if indeed I do. It’s kind of like I just showed up at someone’s office, sat down at a desk and started doing stuff. No-one’s kicked me out yet, but I don’t get holiday and the boss always forgets to call me in for my annual review.

The great thing about all this, is that I get to make whatever I want – and so really it’s about giving yourself permission to make music, or paint, or draw, or whatever the thing is that you’re driven to create. I started writing songs seriously in 2005, and my main mission in life since then has been to increase the time per week that I’m able to make things. And for that, I don’t need anybody’s permission but my own. And nor do you.”


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Ep40: Miles interviews me

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  1. Ruben says:

    These are important things to say. The permissions we grant ourselves are the most important ones we can have. They are the ones that create possibility. There may be other obstacles to overcome, but without that initial step there is nothing to share.
    I feel persistence is also important. When you are trying to do anything difficult or challenging things may not go how you want, but if you can keep going progress may happen. To that end, celebrating success can be really useful. It’s lovely to see this video for that reason.
    Well done. Keep going.

    • Laura Kidd says:

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful words, Ruben – and so lovely to hear from you again! I love it when people pop up who I recognise from these years of making music. How are you doing?

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