The story of the record the shops didn’t want.

The story of the record the shops didn’t want.

The story of the record the shops didn’t want.

On Wednesday I received the news from my distributor that they only need 150 copies of my new album “One In A Thousand” on vinyl and 200 copies on CD to go into record shops.

Because we’ve chosen (couldn’t afford) not to pay (waste?!) upwards of £10,000 on PR and radio plugging to try and get glowing reviews and quotes (that don’t sell records), most shops are unwilling to take the risk – even on sale or return.

They don’t have the space, they don’t know (or care) who we are, and it doesn’t matter how good (we think) our album is. (It’s excellent, by the way…)

I get it. It’s tough times for everyone – and I’m thankful for the shops who have decided to take a chance on us.

Unfortunately, I was asked to print 500 copies on an exclusive colour just for record shops…so I had a decision to make:

– cross fingers they might change their mind and want to stock more copies (um)


add the snow white vinyl to my own shop and make it available directly to you.

When we created the music and merch bundles for OIAT, I chose to make everything available at the same time. No sneaky marketing shenanigans to give the illusion of scarcity, no extra products or colours added in later under the pretence of a “quick repress” (there’s really no such thing at the moment!).

Honesty is important to me in all things. Music fans are VIPs and shouldn’t ever be messed about. The end.

However, there’s no use in these beautiful records sitting in a box in the corner of a dusty warehouse, so I’ve added them into my shop alongside the remaining orange marble and splatter vinyl, CDs, hardback lyric and photo books, badge sets, pick tins with signed picks inside, tees and hoodies.

Beautiful things have been arriving this week at Penfriend HQ ready to be signed and dropped off at our fulfilment warehouse, who are readying themselves to package everything up and get it sent out to you in release week.

‼️And get this…because of the support of music fans this album is gunning for the UK Top 20…WTF?!!!

Thank you SO MUCH for getting on board the robot train. It’s a fun ride!

Roll on 24th February

Laura xo


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