In a noisy online world, our time and attention is priceless. I’m on a mission to encourage self expression in every listener by sharing deep conversations about creativity, grit and determination with fellow artists.

What will you make?


  • "A series of consistently joyous and funny conversations about ignoring that little voice that says you're not good enough and making art regardless."

  • "The guests are genuinely fascinating and hearing the various approaches to the artistic process is enlightening - there isn't just one way to do it!"

    Nick Barwell
  • "New Favourite Podcast Alert! Engaged and intelligent conversations about music and much more. Host Laura Kidd has genuine warmth that puts guests at ease and makes listening a joy."

    Paul Dodgson
  • "As a musician herself, Kidd...talks with insight and warmth...but these are not the back-slapping all-slebs-together podcasts that we’ve become used to. A lovely listen."

    Miranda Sawyer, Guardian / Observer
  • "Wonderful stuff! - there is a real intimacy here that you don't get in most interviews - I'd put this in my top 5."

  • "[A] wonderful window on the creative lives and processes of some truly fascinating interviewees...some of the most enjoyable, entertaining and engaging podcast listening of this year so far."

  • "Deep-diving, intelligent and heartwarming conversations with artists in a musical world of white noise."

  • "Great conversations about music (& a lot more) with interesting guests that give you a real insight into the music business, song craft and a real reminder of the importance of music and what it brings to us all."

  • "If you've ever wondered what life in the music industry is really like now that throwing tellies out of hotel windows has gone out of fashion, give this a listen"

  • "Excellent thoughtful conversations and musings on music, creativity and art from the inimitable Laura Kidd."

    Lost Legate
  • "Brilliant, absorbing conversations about creativity..."

  • "A fascinating and entertaining listen."


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